Based on the song of the same name by The Notorious B.I.G., “Warning” is a short film produced by UpStream Productions.

The film depicts the story of Mick, a prominent Irish gangster that has no idea of the plans being plotted against his own life. That is until he receives a phone call from a loyal associate, Doc. With an imminent threat to his life intruding on his current location, Mick must think quick on his feet if he wants to survive through the night.

For this short film, I played a minor role, assisted with lighting, audio, and data. It was a fun shoot. Learn more about Upstream Productions at Upstreamfilms.tv..

Thanks for watching!

Barking.Fish Website

During my time as an intern, I assisted in building a brand new website for Barking Fish, a popular video production company in Cincinnati, OH.  The previous site did not communicate who “Barking Fish” was or what they could do, so we a new one was much needed.



I assisted with writing copy, coming up with page layouts & structures, gathering and capturing photographs for the site, and writing blog posts. I worked closely with the team to create a site that not only made the company stand out amongst the competitors, but that offered a fresh and exciting approach to the target audiences here in Cincinnati, as well as other markets as well. The website is up and running better than ever.

Go check it out for yourself!


(P.S. yes it is http://www.Barking.fish, There is NO .com, just .fish)